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Best of Brooklyn: Top 5 Asian Restaurants

Brooklyn's racial and ethnic diversity is reflected in the borough's cuisines.
Dao Palate, in Flatbush offers a wide range of pan-Asian dishes.

Brooklyn is a melting pot of people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, a characteristic reflected in the cuisines and flavors that enrich more than 2.5 million residents of the borough.

Wherever you are from, you are guaranteed to find a taste of home here. 

Here are five Asian restaurants you can find in Brooklyn. 

  1. Ugly Baby- Located at 407 Smith Street, the Thai eatery no longer offers reservations and has a strict walk-in policy for those who wish to explore their expansive menu offering a variety of flavors from different regions in soups, spicy curries and other specialties. Their menu is seasonal, so the menu changes often.
  2. Sakura 6- Located at 837 Manhattan Ave, the Japanese restaurant offers soups, salads, sushi and noodles, among various other foods. The restaurant is ideal for take-out orders and dining in. 
  3. Chuko- Located at 565 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, the Japanese eatery does not accept reservations, so you can dine in whenever you want to visit. They pride themselves in authentic Japanese dishes and are known for having one of the best ramen in the city.
  4. Kimchi Grill- The Korean BBQ, located at 766 Washington Ave., prides itself on its Korean roots and is the no-frills space associated with the famed Kimichi Taco Truck. 
  5. Dao Palate- Located at 329 Flatbush Ave, the Pan-Asian vegan restaurant offers a fine dining experience for customers ordering their teas, soups and salads, noodles, and rice. 

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