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Best of Brooklyn: Top 5 Art Studios to Nurture Your Creativity

These art studios offer lessons for children and adults, nurturing artistic development for all skill levels.
Student painted mural
Adults and children can develop their creative side at these Brooklyn-based studios.

If you live in Brooklyn and one of your 2024 resolutions is to express yourself creatively, then you might want to visit one of the borough's art and painting studios that offer lessons, in person or virtually, for novice or inexperienced artists.

Here are five studios you can try out:

  1. Creatively Wild Art Studio: located at 98 Water Street in DUMBO, the studio offers children's lessons from as early as 22 months to 18-year-old adults and upwards.
  2. Art 101: Located at 61 Greenpoint Ave. STE 113, the studio offers adult, children's, and group art courses. For those who consider art and creativity their happy place, the studio offers full-day camps from 9:00 to 04:00 pm. 
  3. Lofty Art School: Located at 2727 Ocean Pkwy, Lofty Art School offers painting (bags, vases, canvas) and clay modeling. 
  4. Art Fun Studio: One of the main things that stand out about this studio located at 547 92nd Street, is that it hosts international virtual painting sessions with up to 500 people in one class! The studio ships supplies internationally too. 
  5. Brooklyn Paints NYC: Located at 1134 Broadway, the studio prides itself in nurturing the creative in all its students- young and old of all skill levels. 

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