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This Billieburg Artist Tackles Comedy, Music and Laughter During Quarantine

The Nasty EP pioneers a new style of music and comedy
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The first video from the Nasty EP, the new comedy/pop release from Brooklyn indie-comedy favorite Ian Lockwood is out!

While New York-based creatives are stuck in quarantine, many projects have been put on hold. One artist decided to use social distancing to his advantage.

Comedian and pop musician, Ian Lockwood, used his time at home to film a testament to how resourceful one can be with extremely limited resources, lots of imagination, and a green screen.

The Nasty EP, released on all streaming platforms is the first album from Lockwood. With five hilarious songs, a video for (I Don't Think This Is) The Club premiered as part of the online, streaming release show on May 11th.

"I had an entire shoot planned out and then COVID-19 hit and it all went down the drain," said Lockwood, a resident of Williamsburg. "I still released the album and I still wanted to create something but all I could look to was what I already had in my studio apartment."

The music video starring and executed entirely by Lockwood explores how one can humorously explore classic pop themes heightened to new levels of insanity, especially amid COVID, dismantling what we have come to expect from the music industry.

The sheer curatorial dedication of one man and his green screen coupled with hilarious musical punchlines creates a video that begs to be revisited over and over again.

And while his music video was more than successful, quarantine has challenged the manner in which Lockwood interacts with his art. As he was forced to create without the help of his team, Lockwood also had to reckon with a changing art scene.

"These days we don't have shows where I can just go perform. It seems a bit antithetical to the very distinguished process of making art but everyone is online now," stated Lockwood. "We are totally, fully plugged in. It has its challenges but its also really unique that everyone is on the same playing field now."

The Brooklyn art community has been greatly disrupted by social distancing as concerts and art gatherings seem to be a relic of the past. Nevertheless, Lockwood does not want this new reality to be an area of dismay.

"We got this. We can do this. But in the meantime, take advantage of the art you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. It is not an easy time but it is a unique time."

The Nasty EP is streaming everywhere music streams! You can check out the Nasty EP here:

For more information please see the press release here.


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