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The Museum of Failure is Taking Over Industry City

“The whole aim of the museum is to help people recognize that we need to accept failure if we want progress,” the curator said.
The Museum of Failure brings together over 159 products and services that were a total flop but also paved the way for other great inventions. Photo: SEE Attractions/Museum of Failure.

A new exhibition in Sunset Park curated by The Museum of Failure is giving Brooklyn the opportunity to learn about some of the biggest failures of the world's largest companies, reports 6sqft. The museum, located in Industry City, plans to exhibit a collection of more than 130 failed products and services from giant global corporations including Coca-Cola, Google, Nokia and more. 

The Museum of Failure first began in 2017 in Sweden and has since traveled the globe, exhibiting in countries including Canada, Taiwan and France. And its latest exhibition is curated by psychologist and innovation researcher Dr. Samuel West, whose work and research are driven by curiosity and a playful experimental approach.

According to West, his rapidly expanding curatorial practice was initially inspired by his interests in the psychology of happiness, in particular happiness related to life in the workplace and the complex relationship between happiness and wealth.

“The whole aim of the museum is to help people recognize that we need to accept failure if we want progress,” West said.

“And by that, I mean any kind of progress, not just consumer products and new devices. The main point is that we have to accept failure, because it usually takes several iterations before we get things right — most experiments fail.”

With items spanning from the 17th century to the modern day, the exhibition exists as a way to teach visitors the importance of learning from your mistakes. It is expected to be a fascinating learning experience as the items are carefully selected to provide viewers with a unique insight into the risky business of innovation. 

Presented by SEE Attractions, the exhibit will be open from now until May 14. Tickets start at $20.50 for adults. Children ages 6 and under can get in free with an adult ticket purchase.