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#NotMyPresident's Day Weekend Update

President's Day is coming up and hence it's a long weekend, since this Monday is a legal holiday.
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President's Day is coming up and hence it's a long weekend, since this Monday is a legal holiday.

And as irony is wont to do, American presidents have been getting a seriously bad rap recently (and by presidents, I mean the current dude who's name I shall not mention). He's like Candyman, because if you say his name three times while looking in the mirror, he'll show up with KellyAnne Conway dressed as a haggard, sleepless ICE agent threatening to deport you to Mexico. The current American president is acting so heinously un-POTUS-like, he's got third world dictators all in their feeling, fawning about his brutish, strongman tactics... and in a Democracy, no less!

So with that as the backdrop for this President's Day weekend, I'm giving you six events where you're allowed to let loose and enjoy yourself. Having fun this weekend won't change the fact that Russia is toying with America like Sunshine did Richie in Harlem Nights. And it won't allow you to go back in time to alter the birth of Sean Spicer. But fun is fun, and boy oh boy can you use some!

Black Love to the max

Kings & Crowns, VDay & Black History Month Special, Ancestral Strands, 1080 Fulton Street, Friday February 17th, 7pm-10pm (BedStuy)

Taken from the FB event page: "Kings & Crowns will be a monthly gathering and a night of discussion amongst Men on topics like grooming, beards, hair, health, self care, and life. It's imperative for the unity of our women as a collective as there has been an increase in gathering events to tighten their bond! But the Men need a bonding experience too!! Join in on the conversation!" This month it's all about love and sex and how to please your lover. It's even a "sex tonic" line by Herbal Bush House, which includes a workshop. Kinda like "Front End Lifter" that you used to get from the Ital spots, but now you get to know the actual creators of the product. Click here for more info.

Get Toasty wit it

Toasty With Nick Turner, The Bishop Gallery, 916 Bedford Avenue, Friday, February 17th, 8pm-10pm, $12/$15 (BedStuy)

This is a roast with some of the best Brooklyn comics (think Conan O'brien show, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, etc), that also includes wine and beer and a DJ. They encourage you to wear toasty/roasty attire, which means make a frickin' effort at something quasi cocktail party-ish. It's hosted by Nick Turner, and along with his comic friends, will pick on strangers in the audience, while also honoring people they like. You can get more information by clicking here, but go with a good sense of humor, especially if the jokes start raining on down on your dome.

Get about that Gro-Fit life

Gro-Fit Glow Party, Stuy Dome, 312 Kosciusko St, Saturday, February 18th, 5pm-7pm, $20 (BedStuy)

It's mid-February and all those plans to get in shape for the summer, my very well be sitting at the bottom of an empty pint of Talenti Coconut Almond Chocolate Gelato, but don't get down on yourself about it. Instead, get up, get out and get over to Gro-Fit Glow Party in BedStuy, where the instructors are energetic, the energy is contagious and the cardio workout is more fun party, than traditional exercise class. Go ready to sweat...and glow, since the glow  theme will be in full effect, with available Glow Party merch for purchase. Click here to visit the site for tickets and additional information.

Best deal of the weekend

Luxy Loaded, Kymberle Project, 1332 Atlantic Avenue, Saturday, February 18th, 6pm-10pm, $1-$5 (BedStuy/Crown Heights border)

If you're into live art battles, and why wouldn't you be, then this is a great event to check out this weekend. Held at Kymberle Project, the event will feature ten live visual artists, given a theme and an hour to create an art piece based on that theme. While the artists are painting, there will be drink specials, live performances and a DJ. It's a great deal, especially if you RSVP and pay a buck. A buck dunnie... That's like, a live visual art battle, dope live MC performances and a DJ, for the price of two loosies.

In fact, RSVP for a friend and that's a night full of talent for the price of  two boogies and a pack of Fire & Desire incense. Shout out to the spots keeping them things at fifty cents. Splash that by clicking HERE for more info and the list.

From Bowie to Biggie...the beats goes on!

Lost Wons, BK Night Bazaar, 150 Greenpoint Avenue, Saturday February 18th, Free (Greenpoint)

This is my party, that I'm doing with DJ Fritzo. Lost Wons is party celebrating our favorite artists that's gone too soon...but who left us with some DOPE JAMS! From Prince to Biggie to MJ to Bowie to Cobain to Hendrix to AAliyah to Whitney to Tupac--The list, and the beat, goes on! Come out and party on President's Day Weekend (Go Obama, it's not your birthday) and party like it's a crazy man in office!! Brooklyn Night Bazaar has a lot going on, from Glow in the Dark Mini-Golf, Private Karaoke rooms, and the legendary vendors market.

Click HERE for more information about the party and about BK Bazaar.

Well, officially he is, but morally and ethically he ain't

He's Not My President, Living Gallery, 1298 Broadway, Monday, February 20th, 3pm-8pm, $5 donation (BedStuy/Bushwick border)

Couldn't get through this event guide without recommending something that rings with protest against he whose name shall not be mentioned. The event is raising funds for IRAP (The International Refugee Assistance Project), which is a not for profit that provides sorely needed legal assistance to refugees (not Clef, Pras and them, they're ok), by engaging pro bono attorneys and law school students across the country, to work on behalf of the most vulnerable among us. IRAP is a part of the Urban Justice Center. The party will feature live performances, Henna artists, visual artists, music, poetry and refreshments and will also collect clean clothes to be distributed to the less fortunate.

Expect a grassroots, organically produced event that's big on heart and legit caring. Click here for more information.

Oh, and KellyAnne Conway or Sean Spicer dopplegängers should expect a cold reception! Now get out there and get your weekend before He-whose- name-we-shall-not-mention... well, you get it by now. Have fun and be safe!


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