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New Dance Installation in Bushwick Explores Cultural Heritage, Social Justice and Food Sustainability

"Edible Tales" is a free event, and will be taking place on Oct. 23, at Good Life Garden in Bushwick.
by Genevieve Martinez
Dancers Unlimited. Photo: Genevieve Martinez.

New York City dance company Dancers Unlimited has announced a new immersive dance installation coming to Bushwick this October.

Titled "Edible Tales," the multimedia dance installation explores topics including cultural heritage, social justice and food sustainability — all through food-related narratives. The stories in the performance are based on two years of community conversations, according to Dancers Unlimited.

"Edible Tales is inspired by our community, and guided by our individual and collective experiences. It's an ode to our shared humanity and an opportunity to build a better future for the future generations," Linda Kuo, the Co-Artistic Director of Dancers Unlimited, said.

According to the event webpage, the dance installation looks to transform community-driven food stories into narratives that will make an impact on audiences.

Each impactful topic explored in the show puts the spotlight on a variety of different perspectives and experiences.

The cultural heritage repertoire will be exploring the perspectives of communities of color, immigrants and their children as well as refugees. It will highlight the transformation of cultural traditions alongside family practices, as well as the need for cultural preservation, according to Dancer Unlimited.

The social justice repertoire will narrate human stories and life experiences to explore the reality of inclusion in today's society.

The food sustainability repertoire will highlight the importance of taking good care of the land which provides an abundance of food, which in turn nourishes people's minds, bodies and souls.

Alongside the choreographed dance performances, the event will also feature a salsa-making contest that is hosted by NYC chef, Chef Lioness. The winner of the contest will receive $250.

The event is on Sunday, Oct. 23, and will be taking place at Good Life Garden, which is located in Bushwick on Goodwin Place.

Admission to "Edible Tales" is free of charge, although attendees have the option of making a monetary donation in support of the event. Dancers Unlimited recommends that attendees register for the event ahead of time.

To learn more about the event, click here.