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New Climate-Themed Mini Golf Course Opens in Williamsburg

The 18-hole Putting Green is open to the public, and all proceeds will go towards local organizations fighting climate change in NYC

A new climate change-themed mini-golf course Putting Green has opened to the public along the North Williamsburg waterfront. 

The 18-hole course, designed local artists and designers, community and school groups, environmental advocacy organizations and public agencies in the city, aims to engage visitors on the resiliency and sustainability issues that local communities face.

To do that, the course highlights the problems and solutions for some of the most pressing climate change priorities with each hole focusing on a different issue or theme surrounding climate change, including animal habitat, energy, green and blue infrastructure and emissions.

Two Trees Management, the group behind the course, and the designers took steps to ensure that the most environmentally friendly methods were used to create each hole, the development company said. The globe at the course's entrance was made with recycled plastic bottle caps and scraps of left-over turf, all of the curbing surrounding the holes is made of 100% recycled tires, and all of the plants in and around the course were selected for their native habitat qualities and to complement the existing self-seeded landscape. 

David Lombino, managing director with Two Trees, said the mini golf course was an opportunity to start a conversation with players of all ages about climate change and its impacts.

"By repurposing this construction space, we were able to partner with local organizations and environmental groups to collectively create a space that the entire community can enjoy, similar to what Two Trees did with Domino Park's North Brooklyn Farms and the skate park," Lombino said.

He added he was confident Putting Green would facilitate "much-needed conversations about how to protect the environment and, even more specifically, the Williamsburg waterfront while still providing a beautiful open space for everyone."

The course is located at River Street and North 1st Street in Williamsburg, as a new interim use at the River Ring site, and is open to the public seven days a week. The course also offers discounted ticket prices to ensure it is accessible to all community members.

Any profits made from this course will be donated to local organizations addressing climate change across New York City including the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Newtown Creek Alliance

Near the course, Two Trees also worked with local partners to open and operate the River Street Farm Collective, a 25,000 square foot space dedicated to sustainable farming, composting, research and education.

The farm includes an aquaponic farm by Oko Farms, which donates a portion of its crops to farmers markets in underserved communities; an organics processing operation organized by The David Prize winner Domingo Morales of Compost Power; a pollinator meadow by Brooklyn Grange featuring plants native to New York; pollinator and environmental education by City Growers; oyster shell drop-off for the restoration of oyster reefs led by Billion Oyster Project; and an apiary and a honeycomb-themed art piece hosted by the Island Bee Project.


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