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Meet the New Arts Space Set to Take Over Williamsburg

The Brooklyn Art Haus, a new arts and performance space, will open in Williamsburg next month with gallery space, a recording studio, and more.
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Courtesy of the Brooklyn Art Haus

Inspired by the culture of European arthouses and grand cafés, the Brooklyn Art Haus is set to open in Williamsburg next month, reports The Brooklyn Paper. The site will be home to multiple rehearsal and performance spaces, a podcast recording studio, art gallery, and a lounge with bar and restaurant.

“I’ve been an independent practitioner for the last decade, which has meant that we always had to rent space,” stated co-founder Isaac Bush. “When the pandemic happened and we lost so many small theaters and rehearsal studios, it became imperative that we preserve the artistic process, and we need to preserve the artistic output of people who are living and trying to create work in the city.” 

Co-founders Alex Orthwein and Isaac Bush were both inspired by the devastating impact the pandemic had on the arts sector. And as long time performers the pair decided to work together to create a new home for Brooklyn based artists.

The Marcy Avenue space is intended to be a warm community space, where locals can come to experience culture, hold events and artists can commission work and access studio spaces without any financial barriers. The Haus's accompanying restaurant, Café des Artistes, will also be open all day, so artists and patrons can stop for a bite to eat or a drink.

“There’s a real emphasis on letting people melt into the space,” Orthwein said. “Our desire from the beginning has been that this is a space for communal gathering … you can be in our space, never see a show, and just enjoy being immersed in it. You don’t go just because you’re being dragged to see someone else’s show, you’re going because you’re curious about what’s happening at Brooklyn Art Haus.” 

As final preparations are being completed for the Art Haus to open at the end of March, the space is actively accepting artist submissions. All artistic mediums are welcomed and a few local collaborators have already to taken their place in the Art Haus's debut lineup.