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Laurie Cumbo Pops in Moshood Gown for Met Gala

Brooklyn's Restoration Plaza was the site of a gown reveal and Met Gala send-off for Laurie A. Cumbo, the Commissioner of NYC Cultural Affairs.

Brooklyn's Restoration Plaza on Monday was the site of a gown reveal and Met Gala send-off for Laurie A. Cumbo, Commissioner of NYC Cultural Affairs.

Cumbo, alongside her husband Bobby Digi Olisa and son Prince Noah, revealed her Moshood-designed gown with a 10-foot train to an excited audience.

The theme for the 2024 Met Gala, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion. Cumbo decided to bring Africa to the Met Gala decked out in Moshood, the designer legend whose design shop and store on Fulton Street in Fort Greene was famous for sidewalk fashion shows, human mannequins in the shop window and a ubiquitous logo that adorned seemingly every Black person in the borough during the 1990s and 2000s.

Mashood, Laurie Cumbo, Prince Noah. Photo By Richard Burroughs For BK Reader

The family was dressed in all black, as they walked through Restoration Plaza, upstairs to the Cultural Museum Of African Art, and back downstairs to a musical and dance celebration by Brooklyn United United Marching Band, musicians from the Noel Pointer Foundation, and dancers from Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet.

Rick Davy of BK Style Foundation led the creative direction. Cumbo's hair was done by Demaris Lugo and her makeup was done by Camara Aunique. Olisa's cape was designed by Evan Hirsch. Her jewelry and accessories were by Legacy BeauLoni. 

Richard Burroughs

About the Author: Richard Burroughs

Richard Burroughs is a Brooklyn-based sportswriter and sports enthusiast covering the Brooklyn Nets and the NY Liberty for BK Reader, where he also writes editorial content.
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