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July 4th is Upon Us -- Where to Watch the Fireworks in Brooklyn

Check out our five top recommendations on where Brooklynites can enjoy the July 4th fireworks close to home.

Check out our five top recommendations on where Brooklynites can enjoy the July 4th fireworks close to home.

Where to Watch the Fireworks in Brooklyn

Macy's 42nd July 4th Fireworks Show promises to be one of the largest spectacles since the millennial celebration in 2000. Beginning at 9:25pm, seven barges positioned on the East River will be launching more than 3000 shells per minute. This year's extravaganza will present "a host of new shells in 25 colors and effects including neon pinwheels, swirling water fountains, blooming ring chases and more," announced Macy on the event's website.

Unfortunately, as in recent years, no barge will be positioned by the Brooklyn Bridge, and therefore Brooklyn Bridge Park won't be offering any good views. But don't fret, we have compiled a selection of local destinations where Brooklynites can view the beautiful fireworks display. BK Reader's top tip: Hook up with a friend who has access to a rooftop, which the most cost-effective option for fabulous views. If that is not an option, take a look at our suggestions where to enjoy the fireworks in Brooklyn.

Transmitter Park
Transmitter Park West. Photo credit:

1.) Transmitter Park 

Brooklynites who want to enjoy Macy's July 4th Firework show should come here. The pier at Greenpoint's Transmitter Park is close by the water and the park itself is quite spacious with room to spread out. So bring a blanket, some bubbly and relax. Make sure to get there early to secure your spot. And if you have enough from lounging, there are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby to continue the celebration.

Where: Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Domino Park in Williamsburg
Domino Park. Photo credit: Daniel Levin

2.) Domino Park 

This sprawling new public waterfront park definitely promises to be a hot spot-- and not only to watch the fireworks. The former site of the Domino Sugar factory has been refurbished with amenities ranging from a 450-foot-long elevated catwalk to bocce courts, a volleyball court and a taco-and-margarita joint operated by restaurateur Danny Meyer which can keep you occupied long before the fireworks start.

Where: 15 River Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Coney Island
Coney Island. Photo credit:

3.) Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk

This location is as quintessential old-school American as apple pie! The 4th of July party starts quietly in the morning, begins to pick up speed in the afternoon and culminates at sundown with an amazing fireworks display that rivals Macy's. So grab the family and a few blankets in the morning, park yourself on the beach; enjoy some live music, walk the boardwalk or hop on the legendary Cyclone at Luna Park. Be advised: The beach is free, but everything else surrounding it, the amusement park, drinks and food, is quite pricey and can add up quickly!

Where: 1000 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Northern Territory Rooftop Bar
Northern Territory Rooftop Bar, Photo credit: Northern Territory BK

4.) Northern Territory

Celebrate America's birthday at Northern Territory! A $60 entry fee gets you access to one of the best views of the Macy's fireworks and there will be boozy cotton candy and red, white and blue drinks. Tickets go on sale starting at 4:00pm on Wednesday, July 4, and make sure to get there in advance to secure your spot. Also, it's a party with a purpose: Northern Territory will be donating $20 from every ticket sold to the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, an organization that works to prevent the wrongful deportation of refugee families who have come to the U.S. fleeing violence, including repeated sexual assault and the murder of relatives.

Where: 12 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 | $60, for tickets go here.

Brooklyn Grange
Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm. Photo credit: Brooklyn Grange

5). Brooklyn Grange Summer Camp

For those who don't care too much about the fireworks or don't want to stay up too late -- after all, the next day you may have to return to work -- Brooklyn Grange offers a different kind of 4th of July celebration: a summer camp-inspired day party. The event will kick off at 2:00pm and will feature fun activities for grown-ups including arts and crafts, games and a talent show, as well as camp-inspired foods and unlimited beer, wine and cider. Tickets go for $85 and are available here.

Where: Brooklyn Navy Yard, 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Brooklynites, you have options. Whatever you choose to do: Have a happy, safe holiday!


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