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I Got a Story to Tell: New Biggie Documentary With Previously Unseen Footage Premieres on Netflix

The new documentary produced by Sean Comb’s and Christopher Wallace’s mother will be released March 1

A new documentary focused on the life and legacy of legendary Brooklyn rapper Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie, will be released on Netflix Monday, March 1.

With previously unseen camcorder footage, shot by Wallace and close friend Damion Butler, fans get an inside glimpse into the rapper's meteoric rise to stardom through the home videos of his tours and daily life.

Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell was produced by Sean Combs and Wallace's mother Voletta Wallace, and it is being released eight days before the 24th anniversary of his murder — the age he was when he was killed.

Wallace's life has been the subject of many films, books and podcasts, and I Got a Story to Tell adds to that repertoire with its focus on Wallace's early life — including footage of family trips to Jamaica and extensive interviews with his mother. It also delves into Wallace's early musical influences, particularly through interviews with a Bed-Stuy jazz musician neighbor who introduced the young start to Max Roach and Clifford Brown.