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Freakin' Weekend May 15th-17th

I hate to keep complaining about Mother Nature, especially since it doesn't seem to make a frickin' difference. But how did it suddenly jump straight to summer, while skipping spring? Mother Nature is out of control once again, even after rehab.

I hate to keep complaining about Mother Nature, especially since it doesn't seem to make a frickin' difference. But how did it suddenly jump straight to summer, while skipping spring?

Mother Nature is out of control once again, even after rehab. And quite as it's kept, I hear she might join Lindsay Lohan in completing her community service at Duffield Children's Center in Fort Greene. Though mixing Mother Nature and Lindsay Lohan might get some unwanted results, like the Mean Girls star driving down Fulton Avenue in a May snowstorm.

If you have designs on hitting the town this weekend, in Brooklyn, there's a good selection of worthy events on the docket. The forecast calls for a mixed bag of rain and sunshine, with temps in the hi-70's, so maybe you can frolic through some spring showers, or a Redbull Music Academy event or The Total Crown Heights Immersion. Just make sure to keep it safe, keep it fun and keep an eye out for celebrity redheads in the county of Kings.


IceStone baby, too cold too cold

Building 92, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Friday May 15th, 10am-11:30am (Fort Greene)

If you're a fan of saving the environment, which should literally be everyone, then you might like this tour at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center. It's in the morning on Friday, so attending means you either have a flexible employer, are self-employed or are un-employed, in which case you should hit up the job center at BLDG 92, while you're there, and get yourself a jobbie-job. Here's a quote straight from their page:

Transforming waste glass into beautiful surface materials has made IceStone a rock star in the green building world, and now you can walk through their manufacturing facility to see how its done. Explore the company's sustainable operations, from the "Supersacks" of recycled glass to the water recycling system, and learn about IceStone's innovative social and environmental practices.

Hit up their website to find out more about IceStone by clicking HERE

How Brooklyn Are You

St. Francis College, 180 Remsen St, Wed May 13th-Sun May 17th (Downtown)

This is a film festival where every movie has a connection to Brooklyn; either it was shot in Brooklyn, it's about Brooklyn, the writers/directors live in Brooklyn, etc. Can't get more Brooklyn than this festival and since you probably live in Brooklyn, it would be very Brooklyn of you to check out this very Brooklyn centric film festival.

You can get all the information about it by clicking HERE, from their website, which has the schedule and film guide, trailers, ticket info and everything else you need to know about it. Most ticket prices are $10, which is actually cheaper than the multiplex or Nitehawk Cinema. Now go get your Brooklyn on!

Too The Moon, Alice

Kimberle Project, 1332 Atlantic Avenue, Friday May 15th, 8pm, $10 (Bed-Stuy)

This is one of the full blown parties that Kymberle Project is becoming known for. Art, DJs, live performances, food vendors and a ton of dancing. It's a load of artists involved, so you should visit their FACEBOOK page and find out more...gotta love the name "Party Supplies"!

It starts early as well, so you can even breeze through while the sun is still (kinda) up!

Eric L. Adams Might Rock The Mic

Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon St, Fri May 15th, 6-9pm, Free (downtown)

I'm not sure if Eric Adams is going to rock the mic at this event thrown by Green Earth's Poet Cafe, but he will definitely be in the building representing BK to the fullest. Whether you're a poet looking for two snaps up, a poetry lover of the highest order or just like being in Greek Revival style buildings designed by Gamaliel King, this is an event for you. If Mr. Adams does a "Love Jones", be sure he does it for the Vine (is that even still a thing?).

Visit the event page on FACEBOOK for more info


This House Is hoovering in The Air, repeatedly vandalized and quasi bordered kind of party

Massive Wood Shop in Bed-Stuy, Saturday, May 16th, 10pm, $15-$20 (Bed Stuy)

This party sounds like it has everything. Art. Drinks. Game. DJs. Good People. Food. Awesome Sound System. BUT, it's also a semi-secret event that requires you to email the organizers, to get the exact address.

Just hit their event page on FACEBOOK for that email address and to learn more about the event. I bet it goes super late, you meet a new BFF, make-out with an old BFF, your Sunday morning gets obliterated and the mere thought of it next week, will put a smile on your face.

RedBull Music Academy has taken over. Resistance Is Futile

Brooklyn Flea, 90 Kent Ave, Saturday, May 16th, 11am-6pm, Free (Williamsburg)

The Brooklyn Flea Record Fair is a part of Redbull Music Academy, which is owning NYC this month. It's great records for sale, from 50 vendors and it's a bunch of food options from Smorgasburg.

Redbull supplies the DJs, including Mister Saturday Night, Mute, Fool's Gold, Hospital Records, Ancient Grease and Chimea Music. For more information, hit up their WEBSITE

Are There any Bodegas Left in Crown Heights?

Various Bars & Restaurants, Saturday, May 16th, 1pm-7pm, $25 (Crown Heights)

If you want to walk around Crown Heights and visit participating bars and restaurants, to enjoy artisinal beer and food, play trivia games and get discounts at neighborhood stores, all for $25, then this is definitely for you. Put on by Brooklyn Based and Brooklyn Brewery, these immersions have been popping up around the borough. The Crown Heights edition allows you to pull some pork at Berg'n or wrap your hands around a island wrap at Ital, and indulge in Brooklyn Brewery suds at several venues in the traditionally Caribbean, but rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

But you gotta get a ticket, so go HERE to do that and to get more information.

Is Roy Rocking a Doo-Rag?

Output Roof Top, 74 Wythe Avenue, Saturday, May 16th, 3pm-Late, $15-$20, Williamsburg

"Broken Dreams and Promises, that's the way, Roy never is"...OK, those lyrics have been photoshopped a bit, but literally, you can't go wrong with this event. If you want more information, such as how to cop a ticket, go HERE

Roy Ayers + Rich Medina + Free Magic + Output Sound System=YES (not yasssss, please, stop using yasssss)


Flag Day, All Day

Prospect Park Parkside Plaza, Sunday, May 17th, 12pm-6pm, Free (Prospect-Lefferts Garden)

You need culture in your life and a Haitian Flag Day Selebrasyon, is the perfect way to do it. It's outside this Sunday, which is shaping up to be a sunny, 80 degree day, which is perfect for an all day event. It's going to have DJs, live drumming, musical performances, food, dance workshops and FREE face painting and arts & crafts for kids.

Confirmed participants include DJ Sabine Blaizin, Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte, and Council Member Jumaane Williams. Haiti has an amazing history and culture, so you can have a wonderful time basking in the energy and culture of the island nation. Visit their FACEBOOK event page for more information.