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Brooklyn Youth Chorus to Explore Music From The Black Diaspora With Davóne Tines

The 'AND SING!' event will explore the rich traditions of Black choral music on May 6.

The Brooklyn Youth Chorus presents AND SING!, a one-night-only conversational concert celebrating music of the Black diaspora, featuring performances by the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Artist-in-Residence Davóne Tines. 

The chorus’s 2024 Spring Gala, Lift Ev’ry Voice, bookends AND SING!, with a pre-concert toast to kick off the evening at the Harvey Theater and a dinner following the performance, next door at BRIC, according to a news release. 

At the Lift Ev’ry Voice gala, Brooklyn Youth Chorus will honor Davóne Tines with a dinner and award presentation. This event will provide critical support for Brooklyn Youth Chorus, giving over 500 New York City school children a year access to voice training, performance opportunities, and friendships that set them up for a lifetime of success.

AND SING! is a “conversational concert” created by Davóne Tines and conceived by Brooklyn Youth Chorus Founder and Artistic Director Dianne Berkun Menaker. It will serve as the culmination of Davóne Tines’s artistic residency at BAM. In AND SING!, Davóne Tines and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus’s performing ensembles and soloists will perform a range of music from the Black Diaspora. To contextualize this music further, the concert will also feature curated discussions about the history and importance of this music. This innovative format — part musical commentary, part performance — will create a space for the performers and the audience to examine the importance of choral music from the Black Diaspora and its impact on our world and our society.

AND SING! will be presented at 7:00 pm on May 6, at the Harvey at BAM Strong, 651 Fulton Street. The Brooklyn Youth Chorus Lift Ev’ry Voice Gala will be presented following the concert at approximately 8:30 pm, at BRIC, 647 Fulton Street.

Tickets to both AND SING! and the Lift Ev’ry Voice Gala are available at