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BRIC TV Just Green-Lighted Another Season of 'Brooklyn Made'

BRIC TV has launched a new season of "Brooklyn Made," a series that highlights the craft and unique stories of Brooklyn-based creatives.
Brooklyn Made, a series made by BRIC TV, looks into the life of borough talents. Photo: Provided/ BRIC.

BRIC TV is launching a new season of "Brooklyn Made," a series highlighting the creatives in Brooklyn, reports The Brooklyn Paper. The digital network based in Downtown Brooklyn plans to release new web episodes every Thursday, March 23-April 20, with each episode looking into the life of a Brooklyn-based creator.

“The series is all about makers centered in Brooklyn, arguably one of the most creative locales on the planet. Although booking subjects is a process, we definitely have a plethora of creatives to choose in the borough,” said Kecia Elan Cole, creator of the show and executive producer for BRIC. “Brooklyn is really the epicenter of culture and maker culture specifically. We really seek to tell those stories of the makers in a highly cinematic way.”

The series originally began in April 2015, as a way to give diverse voices throughout Brooklyn a platform. This season is expected to feature five emerging talents: Kendra Foster, a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter; Eli Fola, a Nigerian born artist and Yoruba Tech Soul musician; Diana Mora, the owner of Crown Heights’ watering hole Friends & Lovers; Sherwin Banfield, a sculptor of hip hop icons; and Ian Cinco, a surrealistic multi-disciplinary artist.

“'Brooklyn Made' is all about putting on emergent artisans and telling those underrepresented and under-told narratives of artists on the rise including a diverse array of BIPOC makers. We’re all about inclusion and diversity,” Cole continued. “We needed to tell those narratives in a compelling manner and do those artists justice.”

BRIC will host a public preview screening on March 21, at 6:30pm. If interested, attendees will get an exclusive look at the season, followed by a conversation with Kayode Kaykay Olowu, the series director and editor and some of the artists on the show. 

“As a program of BRIC, BRIC TV’s mission-inspired focus includes advancing opportunities for artists. With the Brooklyn Made series, we are highlighting their craft and unique stories through the medium of film. These artist profiles travel with them as they grow in their careers.  Over the years, this series has featured many artists – and we define artists broadly,” stated Kuye Youngblood, general manager for BRIC TV. 

“From sculptors, to cooks, to candlemakers, to composers, dancers, and musicians – it’s about that maker culture and the freedom of creativity. We are looking forward to coming together around the screening at BRIC House on March 21st to launch this exciting new season.”