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Bed-Stuy's Bishop Gallery Announces New Artist Residency

Contemporary art gallery The Bishop, located in Bed-Stuy, has opened a unique artist residency program.
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The Bishop Gallery. Photo: The Bishop Gallery/ Facebook.

The Bishop, a contemporary art gallery in Bed-Stuy, has opened a new, groundbreaking artist residency program, reports Yahoo News.

The novel residency program is planned to provide artists with free work and living spaces, supplies and materials.

"This new project is near and dear to the gallery's aim of always supporting living artists," a spokesperson for the Gallery said.

"Post pandemic, the Bishop Gallery continues its journey to bring world-class art and artists to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in a way that's illuminating, entertaining and most importantly, accessible."

The Bishop Gallery was launched in 2012 by Erwin John and Stevenson Dunn. The space works to provide artists with a platform to connect with both Brooklyn and a worldwide audience.

The group got the idea for their residency program in 2020 when the gallery worked tirelessly to support artists during the height of the pandemic. 

"Being able to have a measurable impact on our peers, community and society at large is what success looks like for us," John said.

"The Bishop is an offspring of the Lamont Bishop Gallery in Washington, D.C. We are always growing and learning. Our experiences helping artists during the pandemic really illuminated a growing need, which is why we're so pleased to offer our residency program. We would like to be in the position to expand it within the next 2 years."

The Bishop Gallery has locations in both Brooklyn and Baltimore. For the past decade, it has exhibited hundreds of artists from around the world. To learn more, click here.