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Bay Ridge Residents Celebrate 11th Annual Art Walk

On Saturday Bay Ridge residents celebrated the 11th annual Art Walk, helping Bay Ridge community members to embrace the winter.
The art walk began at Bay Ridge's own Cosentino’s Fish Market. Photo: Google Maps.

Bay Ridge residents celebrated the 11th annual Art Walk, reports The Brooklyn Paper. The event, which happened March 18, was launched in 2013 by the Bay Ridge Arts and Cultural Alliance, giving local community members and businesses the platform to engage with art during the winter months when people tend to stay home. 

“Bay Ridge has so many rich cultural opportunities, but not so many at this time of the year. By February, we are all suffering from cabin fever. Embrace Winter was created by BRACA in 2013 to fill that gap-time,” a spokesperson stated in a public statement. "So why not have fun and enjoy a laid-back event that partners and promotes local businesses with local arts & cultural organizations.” 

During the event, attendees were guided through different shops, where store owners presented the work of artists from around the area. The walk began at Cosentino’s Fish Market where owners displayed work from the Scandinavian East Coast Museum. According to event organizers, this year’s presentation focused on ‘Remembering the Norwegian Resistance’ with pieces highlighting Norway’s fight against Nazi propaganda.

“This is an old town. This is an old Dutch colony and we’ve been making art for a long time. We just wanted to promote each other,” said Victoria Hofmo, founder and president of BRACA, to the crowd. “It’s really just to promote all of the artists and cultural groups.”

Other stops included fan-favorite cafes, restaurants, grocery stores and boutiques in the area including Caffè Café, A.L.C. Italian Grocery and Towne Boutique. And as BRACA continues to look for more ways to implement art appreciation into the neighbourhood the mission of supporting and promoting the cultural richness of Bay Ridge only grows stronger.