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Tag: vocational counseling

How to Make a Job

The Bed-Stuy Armory It's a rainy Monday morning.  Joy thought of a new workshop over the weekend to get more men to work .  It's all about positioning the usual to a higher level of industry. What ...

Learning the Terrain

The first weeks at a job is all about "getting your feet wet".  For Joy getting her feet wet means finding out what forms to use, getting to know her clients, and where to walk to safety.  Walk not run because ...

Accepting Them Where They’re At

What's the goal of providing temporary emergency shelter?  Getting Your Own Keys Each house resident has a name and it is Joy's duty to commit these names to memory.  Not everyone, just the ones she serves in any way-- a ...

Wounded Little Boys

Inside the heart of a wounded man The rec area is the west side of a huge room that serves as the cafeteria, to the east, and the recreation/study area, to the west.  15 of the 17 dormitories are ...

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