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Tag: racism

KKK, deplorables, hate, racism, Donald Trump, human evolution

THE DEPLORABLES: Nature or Nurture?

"How does generation after generation of hate, distrust, anger, and wounded pride affect the lines of evolution?" LOCAL VOICES: “The Art of Seeing” by Michael Milton NOTE:  What follows may be offensive to many.  It was not my aim to ...

Stay in Your Lane!

Yako: I heard something interesting the other day. Of course we have all seen the expansion of biking in Brooklyn and across all of New York. Not just blue bikes, but it seems like more and more people are discovering ...

Guns, Cops, Hate and America

The unbearable burden of being black in America is a feeling and truth that white America works hard to marginalize, ignore and relegate to the “myth” bin of human experience. By devaluing our humanity and rendering it negotiable, it facilitates ...

Dutch Paper Uses N-Word

On Friday, July 31, 2015 a Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, published an article using the N-word in the headline title and illustrating it with blackface caricatures. When a friend of mine pointed this out to me I was shocked. How ...

Love Wins?

With the supreme court ruling and all, I wanted to share in the celebration and attended Gay Pride this year for the first time in many years. To see so many people of all walks of life being sympathetic to ...

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