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East Brooklyn Health Forum

East Brooklyn Health Summit Calls on Community to Take Action

One Brooklyn Health System, Brookdale Medical Center, healthcare worker union 1199 SEIU and the NYC Department of Health hosted on Saturday a Health and Economic Justice summit and resource fair to rally the community-at-large around the health, housing and employment ...

Lead levels in children are on a steady decline.

City Launches New Lead Testing Campaign

The NYC Health Department launched on Monday a new public awareness campaign to encourage parents to get their children’s blood tested for lead.  While 80 percent of NYC children are tested at least once before their third birthday, only 50 ...

The interactive exhibit explores the history of redlining in New York City and highlights current social movements working to “undesign” the racist legacy

Brownsville Exhibit Reveals How Structural Racism Impacts Health

The Health Department's Center for Health Equity presents Undesign the Redline, an interactive exploration of NYC's history of redlining and its impact on public health, at the Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center through December 2018.  “We are proud to show the Undesign ...

High Blood Pressure

Health Department Says: ‘Take the Pressure Off, NYC!’

The NYC Health Department announced “Take the Pressure Off, NYC!,” its first citywide initiative to prevent and control high blood pressure, at the second annual NYC High Blood Pressure Coalition Summit on Wednesday. The summit gathered over 100 stakeholders from faith- and ...

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