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New NBA Champ, But Same Old Nets

Champions!! The Cleveland Cavaliers are the new champions of the NBA,   vanquishing the Golden State Warriors in a classic series that was decided by a tightly contested game 7. Lebron James, the hometown kid, brought ...

2016 NBA Draft, NBA

Barclays Center Plans to Host 2016 NBA Draft

For eager basketball fans around the country, June 23, 2016 is an extremely important date.  On that day, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn will host the 2016 National Basketball Association draft, where teams will take turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball ...

The NBA Draft Going for Broke!

Photo: The NBA season wrapped up a few weeks ago, which ushered in the long, dry spell of the basketball off-season. In fact, I've only turned on ESPN a few times since Golden State won ...

What’s Up With The Brooklyn Nets?

The state of New York basketball is very sad. Super sad. Not "fiance leaves you at alter" sad or "lost a winning lotto ticket sad." Hell, it ain't even "they don't have this fleeked up blazer in my size" type ...

When Dirt Turns To Diamonds

by Richard Chandler Burroughs On The Road To Riches and Diamond Rings: From coons picking cotton, to same-race college, to begrudgingly considered a citizen, to Congress, there's one certainty: the African-American journey has often seemed godforsaken. The road is filled with potholes. ...

Hot 97’s Street Soldiers Push for Peace at Borough Hall

HOT 97's Street Soldiers team held a Town Hall meeting on Saturday at Brooklyn Borough Hall entitled "Push Peace." The free event was a way to bring out the influential people most present in the lives of young people-- adults, friends, local celebrities-- to present ...