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Brooklyn Tech students organize a weekend-long "hackathon" at the Bushwick Generator

The Future Isn’t Sleeping In

By Jay Solly On a bright spring Saturday, area high school and middle school students gathered at an emerging tech hub in North Brooklyn for a two-day student "hackathon" partnered with BNY Mellon, Microsoft and the Bushwick Generator. Organized by ...

This season can be difficult: Some may feel the stress of the holidays, while others may suffer from a seasonal or even a clinical depression.

Is It Really the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

by Dr. Georgia Gaveras As the rich jewel tones of autumn begin to fade into winter’s silvers and grays, twinkling lights and candy canes immediately replace the harvest moon and pumpkins. And so it begins, the most wonderful time of ...

The Art of Seeing by Michael Milton

I Didn’t Have It to Give

“The Art of Seeing” by Michael Milton I’m sure most of us are familiar with the old adage, You can’t give, what you don’t already have. What, I wonder, holds us back from giving to ourselves what we need most ...


I Am Finally Saying #MeToo

An eighteen-year-old high school graduate is ready to align herself with the strong women and girls who are tired of being victims and want to be survivors. Image credit: Healthline ( By Zaria Harrell I am ...

You're powerful, passionate, action-oriented and successful.

Dream Big and End the Cycle

You're powerful, passionate, action-oriented and successful. But: As a high achiever, it can be a lonely world. Photo credit: I am powerful. I am passionate. I love to take action. I know that I can ...