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Tag: gun violence

When Enough Is Enough

The CDC reports 1,300 children die from gunshot wounds in the US every year. That is nearly one Sandy Hook shooting per week. Every week. Every month. Every year. Students participate in March for Our Lives ...

Nonsensical Rifle Addiction (NRA)

Yako: This past weekend, my dearest brother-in-law sent me a link to a satirical video addressing gun violence in the United States. It’s a clever short video that clearly explains the situation in this country, how it affects communities and ...

Yom Kippur & Remembrance

NYS Sen. Jesse Hamilton at the Western Wall At sunset Tuesday the holiest of the Jewish Holidays begins. Yom Kippur is the time for introspection, to look back at the past year trying to right our wrongs ...

Guns, Cops, Hate and America

The unbearable burden of being black in America is a feeling and truth that white America works hard to marginalize, ignore and relegate to the “myth” bin of human experience. By devaluing our humanity and rendering it negotiable, it facilitates ...

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