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Tag: Fort Greene

Fort Greene Community Heroes, BK Reader

Photos: Meet the 2018 Fort Greene Community Heroes

Everyday heroes of Fort Greene are in the focus of this new photo exhibit and, rightfully so, they are being celebrated by their local community! On Saturday, the Fort Greene community gathered at Commodore Barry Park for the opening of ...

Bike Sting, Fort Greene, NYPD

NYPD Bike Sting in Full Swing, Fort Greene Cyclist Claims

The New York Police Department has recently cracked down on bicyclists in Fort Greene for traffic violations, according to cyclist and pedestrian reports. The primary target? Cyclists who cruise through red lights. Nick Encalada-Malinowski confirmed the red-light bike sting in ...

Fowler Square is back bigger and better.

Fort Greene’s Revamped Fowler Square Reopens

Take a seat, Brookynites: Fowler Square reopens with new trees, planters, benches, chairs and tables as well as new light poles and other upgrades to its infrastructure. Photo credit: After a year-long transformation, Fowler Square, located ...

Gastro Markets of Myrtle Avenue

Foodies on the hunt for local, artisanal foods or gourmet takeout love gastro markets -- and Myrtle Ave is home to a few of them! LaRina's beautiful backyard. Photo credit: LaRina BK. Gastro markets are more than ...

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