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Community organizers have launched a petition urging landlords to renew the lease of Scoops, one of the oldest Caribbean-owned businesses in Flatbush

Community Fights to Save Caribbean Eatery Scoops and Plates

The Flatbush community is rallying around neighborhood institution Scoops and Plates Eatery, which is in danger of shutting down by the end of the month, reports Gothamist.  Local residents and activists have launched an online petition to save the shop ...

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Black History Month, Black History Makers, Brooklyn, Born in Brooklyn, Flatbush

Feb 2: Brooklyn Black History Maker, Jean-Michel Basquiat

A poet, musician, and art prodigy, Jean-Michel Basquiat is arguably the  most celebrated-- and possibly most commercially exploited-- American painters of the Neo-Expressionism/punk art movement. So much has been written about Basquiat’s almost mythic persona and role in reviving NYC’s ...

Residents of the Flatbush subsection Erasmus have filed the most heat complaints for two consecutive years.

Report: Flatbush Residents Are More Likely to Lack Heat

According to a new report by Rent Hop, residents in the Flatbush subsection Erasmus are not getting enough heat from their landlords as city data reveals: They have filed the most complaints in the 2018 heating season.  In 2018, New ...

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