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Tag: Commodore Barry Park

Fort Greene Community Heroes, BK Reader

Photos: Meet the 2018 Fort Greene Community Heroes

Everyday heroes of Fort Greene are in the focus of this new photo exhibit and, rightfully so, they are being celebrated by their local community! On Saturday, the Fort Greene community gathered at Commodore Barry Park for the opening of ...

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Who Is Your Fort Greene Community Hero?

Community Heroes NYC is a community-based public art project that celebrates the everyday heroes of our neighborhoods -- and is now looking for your Fort Greene heroes! Photo courtesy Community Heroes NYC Community heroes, those everyday ...

Photos: Afropunk 2016, in Living Color

Afropunk 2016Photo: J. Boogie for BK Reader Now in its 12th year of existence and its sixth year at Commodore Barry Park, Afropunk Fest is, in the words of its European cousins Daft Punk, going "harder, better, ...

Weekend Event Guide: Autumn Art Gotchu Open

The simple pleasures and treasures in life are often overlooked, under-appreciated and shamefully relegated to the nostalgia bin in our self-declared, busy lives and it's no time like the present to stop and take them in. The fall brings a ...

Brook-Lens: AfroPunk, Live and in Color!

Brooklyn just experienced yet another fantastic weekend of soul-infused punk. If you attended this year's AfroPunk music festival, hope you had a sweet tooth, because the eye candy and aural goodness enveloping this year's festival was enough to give anyone a ...

AfroPunk is Here!

What is AfroPunk? Originating with the 2003 documentary that highlighted a Black presence in the American punk scene, AfroPunk is a platform for the alternative and experimental. Remaining at the core of its mission are the punk principles of DIY aesthetics, ...

Summer’s Nearly Dunzo, So Go Have Some Funzo

Earlier this year, when the Winter started to ebb and the first signs of Spring appeared, many people immediately became consumed with the arrival of summer and the many splendid things we planned to do. We wrote it in journals, ...

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