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Cumbe: African Dance and Culture Summer for Kids

Cumbe offers African dance summer camp for children Summer is a time for your little ones to create bright-colored costumes, play explorative games, sing uplifting songs and dance to spirit filled music. Brooklyn parents work hard to ensure their children ...

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Happy Cool, Aloof and Independent Day!

Three Cats That Are Practically Red White And Blue! Painting By Harriet Faith. Hey! Look at that! Three cats that are practically red, white and blue to celebrate this July 4th! Even though this greeting is ...

Why Women Should Exercise During Pregnancy

Why Women Should Exercise During Pregnancy

Staying healthy during pregnancy is important for both mother and baby. Women know not to smoke, drink alcohol, or consume junk food or caffeine. Questions arise when it comes to exercise during pregnancy – should you, or shouldn’t you? Well, ...

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Five things I wish I knew before my pregnancy

With less than two weeks until her due date, Katie has learned a lot. Though she has enjoyed a beautiful, easy pregnancy there are some things she wished she knew before she was expecting. It is hard to believe that ...

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Close to a thousand families gathered on Saturday, August 29th to kick-off the new school year at Senator Parker’s Annual Harvest Fest 2015 Back to School Celebration. Community residents enjoyed music, food and cultural performances during the daylong festivity that ...

Children’s Summer Skin Care

Photo: By: Vanessa Penberg With summer in full swing and temperatures getting progressively hotter, questions and concerns about how to best protect babies and children from sun exposure and insect bites arise.  Strong evidence links ...

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