Brooklyn woman glad NYPD nabbed her grandson in NYCHA drug gang bust: 'Let them keep him'

Brooklyn Woman Glad NYPD Nabbed her Grandson in NYCHA Drug Gang Bust: ‘Let Them Keep Him’

“I raised Matthew and his brother as best I could,” said Gerard, a 75-year-old lung cancer patient who struggled to catch her breath. “They got him. Let them keep him.” Shirley Gerard, though fighting back tears, showed zero sympathy for the drug gang corralled Friday in the Sheepshead Bay [...]
Two toddlers, dirty and disheveled, rescued from Brooklyn 'drug den' after dangerous conditions reported to cops

Two Toddlers, Dirty and Disheveled, Rescued from East New York ‘Drug Den’

A 2-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy — both dirty and disheveled — were found in an apartment filled with an “overwhelming stench of marijuana." Two toddlers were rescued from a grimy Brooklyn apartment that reeked of weed and cuffed their parents Thursday night, police said. Police came knocking around [...]
Cops pack court hearing of teen accused of dragging plainclothes officer with stolen car

Cops Pack Court Hearing of Teen Accused of Dragging Plainclothes Officer with Stolen Car

A police union head said Wednesday that officers will be vigilantly watching every last development in the case of a Brooklyn teen who’s charged with dragging an officer from a stolen vehicle. Punctuating the point, about 20 NYPD officers lined the aisles in a Brooklyn Supreme courtroom for a brief [...]