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Dancehall Queen Yaminah Legohn Teaches Empowerment Through Dance

Dancehall Queen Yaminah Legohn Teaches Empowerment Through Dance It’s more than sexual. It’s dominance, power and femininity Pum pum shorts and glittery tops adorn dancehall queens in clubs and on stages. But this world is often misunderstood, questioned and shamed. ...

The Power of African Diaspora Dance

The Power of African Diaspora Dance Community. Healing. Love. When you dance, something beautiful happens to your mind, body and spirit. It somehow has the power to make things better, release some pain, bring joy to the spirit and see ...

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MoCADA Gears up for Move to New Arts Hub in Fort Greene

  MoCADA will share its new home with 651 ARTS, BAM Cinema theatres, a branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn's second Apple store and New York City’s first Whole Foods 365 With the recent announcement of the Brooklyn Arts ...

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Happy Cool, Aloof and Independent Day!

Three Cats That Are Practically Red White And Blue! Painting By Harriet Faith. Hey! Look at that! Three cats that are practically red, white and blue to celebrate this July 4th! Even though this greeting is ...


    Happy Papa Bear's Day. Painting By Harriet Faith. Keeping it short and sweet on this post..... Whether you are a father, have a father, adore your father or, as is often the case, have ...

The Art of Imitation!

Yako: I love memes! Two years ago, I did not even know what a meme was. According to Wikipedia, memes have been around since 1976! And the word “meme” is short for “mimeme,” which is from Ancient Greek, meaning "imitated ...

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