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Ample Hills Founders Ousted from the Company They Helped Relaunch Just 6 Months Ago

It's a stunning turn of events for Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna, who co-founded the ice cream brand in 2011.

From Brooklyn Magazine:

mple Hills Creamery co-founders Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna have reportedly been fired from their own business less than six months after they bought back the beloved ice cream brand.

The pair told Inc. that the investors pushed the duo out because of clashes with Ample Hills’ new CEO Lisa Teach, who is also an investor.

Smith and Cuscuna admitted that they often clashed with Teach over various issues, including company’s culture and branding, according to the report. The investors, according to the couple, had gotten tired of them “fighting with their CEO, and they made the decision to ultimately side with their CEO instead of the founders.”

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