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Vodou Roots: A Love Story Musical

February 19, 2019 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm $15 Teatro LATEA at The Clemente

WaWaWa Diaspora Centre in collaboration with Teatro LATEA at The Clemente is pleased to announce a Black History Month event –  Vodou Roots: A Love Story Musical, a live storytelling performance created by Régine Romain. 

Régine “Jiji” Romain carries the audience through tales of her Haitian heritage, personal musings and anthropological research, through an engaged and dynamic mixed-media experience. This work sojourns through otherworldly tributaries of myth, memory, and magic and aims to change the narrative of Vodou. 

In her podcast of the same title, Régine shares that “as a child, my fascination with “the spirits” began with the seasonal visits of my aunt, Tante Rose Marie. She was our family griot, the SANBA… Unbeknownst to my strict Christian parents, whenever she came to visit “Tatie” connected my sisters and me to songs, dances, and rituals of a taboo Vodou culture.” 

As a storyteller, Régine’s endeavor is “to stoke the collective imagination and keep alive new ways of seeing. The world psyche is awash in distorted perspectives of Vodou and its practitioners. Régine states, “Upon my aunt’s death, she handed the baton of responsibility to me to continue honoring our ancestors, by learning and preserving Vodou’s cultural traditions.  I am accountable to those who came before, the living and to those who follow to keep our narratives of the black diaspora heard and seen. Vodou Roots is my love story.” 

Régine will be accompanied with three special guests and performers: JAH BABA, a multi-talented musician and composer from Benin, West Africa; IKEOMA DIVINE, a performer and healer based in South Carolina; and DJ SABINE BLAIZIN, a mix-master and Brooklynite. 

Jah Baba is a singer, musician, and sound engineer who is strongly committed to the musical legacy that his late grandmother bequeathed to him. He will be performing a mix of percussion and singing traditional Haitian and Yoruba/Fon folk songs.  

Ikeoma Divine is an initiated priestess of the Haitian Vodou tradition, whose spiritual practice informs her work as a dancer, choreographer and educator. She has studied the ceremonial dances of Ghana, Brazil, and Haiti and trained with the Houston Ballet Academy, Houston Metropolitan Dance Center, The Alvin Ailey School and Ballet Matam, where she has learned the traditional dance of Guinea.  

The sounds of DJ Sabine are Global Soul: an amalgamation of House, Afrotech, Afrobeat, and Haitian Roots. Through her work as a mixmaster, Sabine Blaizin brings focus to the proliferation of African diasporic music and seeks to create new scholarship throughout the African diaspora through the lens of music, culture and spirituality. 

Tickets can be purchased in advance online for $15. Admission is $20 at the door.


  February 19, 2019

  7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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Teatro LATEA at The Clemente

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107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002, USA

  (212) 529-1948

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