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New App: NYC Wants You to Quit… Smoking!

The free HelpMeQuit app connects future ex-smokers to smoking cessation resources and 'quit buddies,' awards badges for reaching non-smoking milestones and includes games for distraction Photo credit: The...
Brooklyn woman glad NYPD nabbed her grandson in NYCHA drug gang bust: 'Let them keep him'

Brooklyn Woman Glad NYPD Nabbed her Grandson in NYCHA Drug Gang Bust: ‘Let Them Keep Him’

“I raised Matthew and his brother as best I could,” said Gerard, a 75-year-old lung cancer patient who struggled to catch her breath. “They got him. Let them keep him.” Shirley Gerard, though fighting back tears, showed zero sympathy for the drug gang corralled Friday in the Sheepshead Bay [...]
Michoel Behrman

Obituary: Michoel Behrman

Everyone was welcome to his table. Michoel was always up for socializing. It was never too late. He was never too tired. In the last years of his life, he was still making friends. By Amy Baily Some 200...