Skai Stroud

Skai Stroud

D. Skai Stroud is a Brooklyn resident and global citizen. Skai is just as at home walking in the woods or along the seashore, as she is walking the red carpet. As the former co-owner of a thriving holistic medical practice, Skai is passionate about sharing, current, relevant and often overlooked information that could help you live your best life ever!

You Could Really Stink!

You could really stink! If you didn’t wash, of course, you would!  Even with basic washing, some of you know that you have smells coming from your bodily orifices that could be lethal if inhaled for prolonged periods of time!...

Are They Breathing?

Great health and vibrancy requires an abundance of oxygen.  Air is primary and fundamental to our earthly existence.  Don’t we ask, “Are they breathing?”, if there’s a question of life or death?   Don’t we feel invigorated after a good workout? ...

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