Michael Milton

Michael Milton

Michael Milton worked as an Associate Producer with Marty Richards, Sam Crothers and Robert Fryer at The Producer Circle Co. in New York City for over twenty years. Broadway: THE LIFE (2 Tony Awards), SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (1 Tony Award), LA CAGE AUX FOLLES (Revival; 1 Tony Award and personal Drama Desk Award), Chita--A DANCER'S LIFE. Film: CHICAGO (Academy Award, Best Picture, Marty Richards). Michael has also co-produced many philanthropic events, including the legendary Red Ball benefitting NYU Medical Center and the New York Center for Children. As a writer, Michael has been featured in The New York Times, 'About Men' column, House Beautiful, Genre Magazine, The James White Literary Review amongst others; wrote the book for two musicals, THE NIGHTINGALE and FARAWAY BAYOU. Co-wrote (with Leslie Gore) the book for children's musical THE MERCHILD.

The Meaning of Teeth, Michael Milton

The Real Meaning of Teeth

“The Art of Seeing” By Michael Milton Recently, my ninety-five-year-old father was visiting me here in New York from sunny southern California. He is nearly deaf, so we don’t converse much. We often watch television together, usually protracted golf games,...

Learning to Say ‘No’

Reflecting back at a gay (but not so proud) moment Image: Lifehack “The Art of Seeing” by Michael Milton In a world torn apart by short-sighted, strongly held, near-tribal opinions, there is, I believe, one point...

New Amsterdam Singers, Michael Milton, NAS

Ahhh, Sweet Harmony!

Brooklyn singers help breathe life into traditional choral gems alongside newly composed music “The Art of Seeing” by Michael Milton Here will we sit and let the sounds of music creep into our ears; soft stillness, and the night, become...

A Prayer For 2018

We are all in this together, no matter how we wish to be “other than.” "The Art of Seeing," by Michael Milton I am, by most accounts, an affable guy. I’m also a big guy: Six feet four inches, weighing...

BK Reader, Brooklyn Reader, Michael Milton

Look For The Silver Lining

What can we do to regain a sense of equilibrium in these troubled times? “The Art of Seeing” by Michael Milton …a heart full of joy and gladness Will always banish sadness and strife So always look for the silver...

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