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Read Books, Live Longer

Sharing the Benefits of Book Reading By Robin Smith, Executive Director At Excellence Baby Academy, we relentlessly promote reading to children because it fosters parent-child attachment and bonding, growth in every developmental domain (even gross motor...

Prescription: Reading

Reading is fundamental and fun! Written by Vanessa Penberg, Excellence Baby Academy Books are incredibly special.  They can provide tremendous enjoyment and bring you and your children closer.  Reading with your children is a wonderful way...

Are We Losing Our Grip?

By Robin Smith, Excellence Baby Academy “Rather than sit and color the way they used to do, our kids are part of the burst of technology,” says Linda Cunningham, an occupational therapist working in a Denver elementary school. “It’s amazing...

We Are All Flint

By Robin Smith, Excellence Baby Academy As Nick Kristoff writes in his The New York Times piece entitled “America is Flint," lead poisoning goes far beyond Flint and seems to be even worse in many parts of the United States. ...

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