Akosua Albritton

Akosua Albritton

Akosua is a communicator who loves to inform, engage, and enable her fellow New Yorkers. You may find her in a classroom, in an auditorium, or on a city street teaching the social sciences. Her favorite topics are Brooklyn culture & history, consumer technology, edible weeds, and African cinema. She holds a MS in City Planning from Pratt Institute.

A Change in Status

Life in a Men's Shelter Joy is comfortable with the 'cold shoulders' she gets from her office mates, the appreciation from the clients, and growing comradery with the Case Managers.  Even the security officers are watchful when she...

Old and Homeless

Being elderly in a shelter There's an African proverb that states, "The shrieking of children at play is the music of old age."  Imagine being under a tree in the warmth of an African village.  Warmed...

Seasonally Homeless

Life in a Men's Shelter My, my, my....the things humans adjust to.  The human condition is quite remarkable.  One day, someone is demanding that only Poland Spring bottled water be served to her. Another day, she's...

My Blood in the Shelter

Anytime is a good time to reflect. Everyone has his road to walk.  Some walk purposely, while others walk aimlessly.  Sometimes it is divine order that paths cross momentarily to share a truth:  This big blue...

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