C. Zawadi Morris

C. Zawadi Morris is an award-winning journalist and a Chicago native who moved to Brooklyn in 1997. Ms. Morris holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration (and a minor in Spanish) from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She has worked as the communications director for Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (NY-12), a senior account executive for Shandwick Public Affairs and Cohn & Wolf Public Relations, and Bed-Stuy Patch. In December 2013, under The Original Media Group, Ms. Morris launched The Brooklyn Reader, an online news source covering the neighborhoods of Central Brooklyn.

Harriet Faith

Harriet Faith is an artist, illustrator, writer, inspiring speaker, a dedicated animal advocate and a transformational photographer and creative business coach for artists and entrepreneurs. She is thrilled to be able to share the confidence-building and inspirational ideas that she has learned on her own creative journey. You can contact her at [email protected]

Yako and Krystal

Yako: Born on a farm in The Netherlands, Europe, I was always on quest for adventure. As a small boy, I was already interested in learning about other cultures and pretended I was fluent in American (I later learned that Americans speak English). At the age of 23, I traveled to South Africa where I lived for seven months to finalize my thesis for my master's in Business Administration. After that, I worked for eight years for a bank in Amsterdam, but I became restless and decided to quit my job and make the big leap across the ocean to New York. Studying arts and culture management at Pratt Institute helped me eradicate some of the prejudices I had of Americans. I never thought I would stay this long. But now eight years later, I'm still here. I live in Central Brooklyn and work for Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation with great satisfaction. So far, my life feels as if I’m on one big adventure. | Krystal: As a native of Michigan, I moved to New York with a limited perspective of the depth and importance of social differences. Having a passion for creativity, I accepted the various ideas behind expression and equality that poured out from this beautiful, diverse place called Brooklyn. After graduating from Pratt Institute in 2006 with a degree in Communications Design and barely surviving the effects of forced independence, I started an open relationship with the nonprofit world and began to willingly become my own person. Since then, I have been employed and freelance as a graphic designer, with tons of exposure to the things that fascinated me as a child. Living in two culturally different environments has granted me a faceted understanding of social norms and injustices that I feel compelled to speak on. Though visual art and design have been my concentrations since grade school, writing and sharing thoughts socially has been my core calling. In keeping my promise to my parents, I have finally decided to write for social impact. Standing up for my truth while seeking and discovering the truths of others is the way in which I've chosen to take that on. So far, I've discovered that the most direct route to societal improvements begins with the coupling of self-awareness and humility.

Karen Malpede

Karen Malpede is a playwright, theater director and co-Artistic Director of 22-year old, Brooklyn-based, Theater Three Collaborative. She is author of 18 produced plays; 4 of her recent plays will be anthologized in PLAYS IN TIME: THE BEEKEEPER'S DAUGHTER, PROPHECY, ANOTHER LIFE and EXTREME WHETHER, forthcoming Sept. 2017. She is editor of ACTS OF WAR; IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN IN SEVEN PLAYS. She has lived in Clinton Hill-Fort Greene for 30 years. She teaches theater and environmental studies at John Jay College for Criminal Justice, CUNY. She writes about politics, arts and culture for The Kenyon Review , Torture Magazine as well as The Brooklyn Reader and elsewhere.

Playwright, Co-Artistic Director, writer

Noreen Sumpter

Noreen Sumpter is a Personal Life Coach: Born and raised in South East England. Noreen Came to New York in 1985 with $60.00 and a suitcase. She is a Personal Life Coach, Founder and creator of the Live Life Your Way Program. She works with High Achievers who have created wonderful careers for themselves and now they want to take their personal life and confidence to a whole other strata. Noreen supports them to remain committed to their personal goals, clear mental clutter and dissolve limiting beliefs, so they can take deliberate steps, owning their voice, speaking their truth, having the freedom to develop a balanced life and career by living life their way. Noreen's belief is "Live Life Your Way." You can visit her website at

Richards Burroughs

It's variations on my name, but it's the same human. I'm Richard Chandler Burroughs, novelist (A Rendezvous With Destiny) and blogger (Uncontrollable Urges). Richard Burroughs as a marketing strategist, where I've serviced clients that include Sam Adams Beer, adidas, Coca-Cola and Moet & Hennesy. I'm Dick At Nite as a DJ, spinning magic from Bed-Stuy Bars to Boutique hotels and as an art curator, with a recently closed show at Rush Corridor Gallery. I'm anything you want to call me as long as you appreciate (and buy!) the work of the artists I present. Follow me on Twitter: @dickburroughs

Clarisa James

Clarisa James is the Executive Director/Co-Founder of DIVAS for Social Justice, an arts/technology based organization that encourages youth in underserved communities to use technology for social change. Ms. James holds an MFA from the Integrated Media Arts Program at Hunter College, City University of New York. Visit her website at

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