BK Reader. News in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Local News, hyperlocal news, Local News in Brooklyn, things to doLaunched in 2013, BK Reader (formerly The Brooklyn Reader) is an online hyperlocal daily news source reflecting the art, culture, business and lifestyle of the fastest-developing areas of Central and East Brooklyn, including Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Brownsville, East New York, Prospect Heights and Flatbush.

With more than 50 writers, bloggers and journalists– all of whom are Brooklyn-based–  BK Reader’s content reflects the authentic, diverse voices and interests of its residents. BK Reader is a true hyperlocal community site that lets the community lead.

For this reason, in our “Local Voices” section, we give any local resident who desires a writing platform to share their professional and personal insights on local issues. The “Young Voices” section of the site encourages writers, age 8-18, to participate in the community dialogue, while “Brooklyn Exposed,” a volunteer partnership with Bridge Street Development Corporation, provides professional guidance and a media platform for at-risk youth interested in photography.

And BK Reader works with the city-sponsored Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) where we train teens to serve as “BrooklynKnights,” BK Reader’s Social Media for Social Justice Army.

Subscribers to BK Reader’s newsletter receive fresh new content each morning at 7:00am, delivered right to their inbox. Additionally, BK Reader currently is the only news site in Brooklyn to offer Bloom, a geolocation service for identifying the latest coverage within blocks of a user’s zip code, as well as a map featured on the homepage that identifies the location of the most recent BK Reader stories.

Look for our neighborhood pages, and take advantage of bookmarking those neighborhoods that are most relevant to you.

From city and state government officials, to mom-and-pop store owners; from community board members, to public housing residents; and from brownstone owners to recent college graduates, BK Reader truly is for Brooklyn, by Brooklyn.

BK Reader is Central and East Brooklyn’s most trusted source for local news and information because it belongs to the community. It is first and foremost your platform to engage, enlighten, inform and stay connected!

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