Welcome to The Brooklyn Reader

Welcome to The Brooklyn Reader

BK Reader (formerly known as The Brooklyn Reader) is an online community news portal for the neighborhoods of Central Brooklyn, including Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights and Fort Greene/Clinton Hill, Brownsville/East New York, Prospect Heights and East Flatbush.

As the area’s first, independent local news site covering Central and East Brooklyn– run for the people, by the people — The Reader offers Central Brooklyn residents block-by-block reporting, breaking news stories on crime, police and fires, and daily updates on real estate development, new business openings, arts & entertainment, resident profiles and more!

The Reader’s bloggers and columnist live, work and play right here– in your community. They bring professional insight and personal experience on everything from employment strategies, to food justice, to advice on sex, sexuality and relationships; from health and beauty to Chabad life to updates from City Hall.

BK Reader belongs to the community. It is your platform to engage, enlighten, inform and stay connected!

BK Reader: News From Brooklyn, By Brooklyn!


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