By Harriet Faith

November 8, 2015, 8:24 pm

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Hand Lettered Painting By Harriet Faith. Quote By Confucius.

Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, educator and political figure was born in approximately 551 BC. His teachings focused on creating ideal models of family and public interaction, and on setting educational standards. Confucius’ influence in Chinese history has been compared to that of Socrates in the West.

Years after his death in 479 BC, his ideas, now called “Confucianism,” became the official imperial philosophy of China. I think it’s lovely to see how really useful ideas are timeless. Confucius observed this “productivity trick” and we know it as well today. When faced with any overwhelming task, the best, easiest and most “digestible” way to complete it is to begin it in small steps. Approaching it in this way can make even moving a mountain seem attainable!

I hope whatever you are looking to accomplish this week and beyond, you will find it easier to approach the task using this sage’s sage wisdom!!
Have a VERY productive week!

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