By Harriet Faith

November 15, 2015, 6:42 pm

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Painting By Harriet Faith. Quote By Oprah Winfrey.

This quote from Oprah Winfrey is so simple and yet says a lot. It speaks to discernment. I think of discernment both as a quality and a skill. We want to be discerning and we we want to be able to discern whether people and/or circumstances are in our best interests.

Sometimes things require a cold, discerning analysis to be sure that we are in a situation or a relationship that is all that it seems to be. This can be difficult; it can sometimes bring up fears of having to change or of possible confrontation, depending on the situation.

We all need support whether we are going through a tough time, or taking chances following our dreams. Both scenarios are times when we are particularly vulnerable. Even when things seem relatively calm and secure, we all still need to know that those people we choose to have around us are thinking of our best interests, even before an actual need arises.

We can also be that person for others. We can hold our friends, family and associates to higher standards and to higher visions of what and who they can be. And as I hope it is communicated in this image, we want to hold others up lightly. After all, each person is still steering their own ship and must make their own decisions. Still, we can each lovingly lift those around us with our thoughts and ideas as well as be lifted up in doing so.

I hope you have a beautiful and uplifting week!


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