July 25, 2015, 1:00 pm


Harry Potter enthusiasts can finally come together at the upcoming Brooklyn-based PotterCon, an exciting magic like event that is expertly organized by Margaret Kaminski and hosted by the beloved Bell House.  While the books may be based on fantasy, this event works hard in real life to bring like-minded individuals together for fun while donating a portion of the proceeds to the Harry Potter Alliance.  Apart from promoting literacy, this festive event allows adults (21 years old and older) to enjoy all the thrills that they recall from iconic scenes throughout the Harry Potter saga.

PotterCon boasts a realistic sorting hat ceremony, costume contest and an exciting trivia game where fans can demonstrate their Harry Potter knowledge.

The organizers have even recreated a wizard world staple, the Butterbeer. This fictitious drink is often referenced throughout the book series, as witches and wizards enjoy the beverage after a long day.  The real life version offers a tasty Whisky based flavor that could make the strongest wizard stumble home by the end of the night.

Fun is the main ingredient but attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own wizarding robe and wand in order to participate.  If you’re unfamiliar with this customary wizard/witch uniform, it might be a good idea to review your favorite Harry Potter movie to make sure your attire is appropriate.   Whether you’re an avid book reader, movie enthusiast or even someone who is curious about they hype, PotterCon is a great social event that brings passionate people out for an entrancing evening.

For only $8 per person, adventurous adults can enjoy this entrancing event on August 1st, from 2pm to 8pm at The Bell House  149 7th Street in Brooklyn.



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