By Harriet Faith

April 6, 2015, 8:35 am

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Hand-Lettered Art By Harriet Faith. Quote By Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’ve all had to have a lot of patience, haven’t we?

Waiting for winter to finish up its bitter business and for spring to start. Whether we liked it or not. But willingness to be patient or not, the long wait seems to be over!

I love this quote because I do believe that Nature has so much to teach us. When you think about Nature, there is just so much… of everything! So many trees! So many flowers! So many birds! It just goes on and on. And so much of what happens, all the different life cycles of the thousands upon thousands of life forms, all happen in perfect ways.

Not too mention the longer cycles, such as the seasons. And, taking that even further, you might realize that Nature is handling the timing of the movement of the planets and all the stars. The timing of Nature is perfect.

While we may not always be that pleased to have to wait for some things, Nature can be our inspiration and guide for learning the secret of her perfection and the beautiful results that can be the reward for having patience.

Here’s hoping the warm spring sun is shining down on you.

Have a beautiful week!



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