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April 8, 2015, 8:56 am

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James & Williams Issue Statements On Cop Murder Arrest

Following yesterday’s release of video footage showing white South Carolina Police Officer Michael Slager killing an apparently unarmed African-American man, Walter Scott, as he ran away and Slager being charged with murder for the incident, Public Advocate Letitia James and Flatbush City Councilman Jumaane Williams both issued these statements:

Public Advocate Letitia James
Public Advocate Letitia James

James: “Like millions of Americans, I am horrified by the video footage of the killing of Walter Scott, an unarmed South Carolina man. This incident is a grim reminder of how far we still need to go and it underscores the critical need for police reforms and accountability. While this tragedy is truly heartbreaking, I am encouraged by the fact that video footage helped bring forth charges.

“The individual who heroically videotaped the incident should be commended for his courage and citizenship.

“Whether it’s body-worn cameras that strengthen police accountability or expanding community policing that brings together police and the communities they serve, there are real steps to be taken on the road to justice. We must continue to work together to erase racial prejudice, advance the dialogue about improving policing around the country, and build a society that respects all lives.”

NOTE: James was one of the first city elected officials to call for police-worn body cameras and successfully pushed the NYPD to implement a pilot program. She also filed a legal petition to unseal the grand jury minutes in the Eric Garner case.

Williams (issued in joint statement with Bronx City Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson): “First and foremost, our prayers for peace and comfort go out to Walter Scott’s family, friends and the entire North Charleston community. Words cannot describe how appalled we are that another unarmed person of color has died at the hands of those charged to serve and protect. This horrific scene exemplifies the very worst of our public safety system: the still-fractured relationship between the police and communities of color and an overly zealous ethos for excessive use of force.

“Without a bystander filming Officer Slager’s actions, Walter Scott’s family would have never known the truth behind his death. Justice cannot rely on cellphone cameras and good Samaritans; this incident has once again reminded us of the necessity of body cameras for police, as strongly recommended by a White House task force on community-police relations and supported by members of this Council.

“We are glad to see Officer Slager will be brought to court thanks to this footage. He must be held fully accountable for his actions in the same manner as anyone who committed a criminal homicide. Sadly, simply being indicted is a step towards balancing the scales of justice. But the real justice will only come when someone is held criminally responsible for these actions, and it’s our hope that this incident is the catalyst for real dialogue and concerted change. We applaud the Federal Justice Department for launching an immediate investigation into this tragedy and will continue to keep the Scott family in our thoughts and prayers.”

Eugene Rallies For More City Summer Jobs For Youths

City Council Member Mathieu Eugene, who chairs the Youth Services Committee, will be joining the Campaign For Summer Jobs, a coalition of more than 100 organizations, to rally for the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) and to release a survey showing the great demand for summer employment for youth in New York City.

The Campaign For Summer Jobs survey of more than 1,400 SYEP participants reveals that youth who receive employment through the program know there is value in obtaining a summer job. Additionally, it finds great demand for summer job opportunities with 53% of participants having applied more than one time.

“It is critical that the City provides our youth with programs that will enable them to develop the jobs skills and the self-confidence to be the leaders of tomorrow. It has been proven that the SYEP makes a positive difference in the lives of young people who have participated in it. It is our moral obligation as a society to provide clear opportunities for success to all young people who desire to stay on a positive course in life,”  said Eugene.

The rally will take place at 11 a.m., today on the steps of City Hall.

Brooklyn Young Republicans Host GOP Mayoral Candidate

The Brooklyn Young Republican Club will host NYC Republican Mayoral Candidate Rev. Michael Faulkner this Sunday for a wide-ranging discussion of the issues facing New York City and on his plans to defeat incumbent Mayor Bill Deblsio in 2017.

Faulkner is a former New York Jets football player was the 2010 Republican nominee for the 15th Congressional District seat held by Rep. Charles Rangel. He is the pastor of New Horizon Church in Harlem and last year formed a committee to run for mayor on the GOP side.

Faulkner will take audience questions from the audience at the event and all are welcome free of charge.

When: from 3-5 p.m.,Sunday, April 12

Where: 401 16th Street (8th Avenue & 16th Street)

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