March 19, 2015, 12:45 pm


Featured photo – Brooklyn’s Aniah Ferguson Isn’t an “Animal,” or Even an Adult—She’s a Troubled Girl The short video is remarkably unsettling and difficult to watch. In the span of three short, wretched minutes, six teenage girls inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s viciously attack a smaller girl in a blue […] Click here to view full […]

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2 Responses

  1. Ora Coleman

    Thank you. She belongs to all of us who, especially those of us of African descent. She is more victim than perpetuator. A victim of four centuries of oppression that has denied the humanity, and certainly, the full humanity of a people. Hurt people always hurt people. We must continue the struggle to demand and implement remedies.

  2. Black Bishop

    I am so sorry but I strongly disagree with the author. Not about their data or the premise of the argument but in terms of the example. If jail is for anything it should be used to punish vicious violent crime. The problem is the mass incarceration on non- violent offenders. If we try to make the argument for reducing the number of people in jail but then use cases like this as an example then we will be whistling in the wind! These girls should definitely be in jail, but they should have access to quality mental health and education services while there. Jail us where they belong.


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