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March 16, 2015, 11:32 am

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City Councilman Vincent Gentile
City Councilman Vincent Gentile

BAY RIDGE — Last night at their general membership meeting, Bay Ridge’s premier Democratic Club endorsed Councilman Vincent J. Gentile in his bid for New York’s 11th Congressional District.

Gentile is widely regarded as an underdog for the historically conservative seat, which includes all of Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn. The seat has been represented by a Republican in all but 2 of the past 34 years.

“When we started this club, people thought we were crazy and said we’d never last; they thought “Bay Ridge” and “Democrat” was an oxymoron,” said Club President & Gentile Advisor Justin Brannan. “But five years later we’re still here and we proved them all wrong. Just like Vinnie Gentile is going to do in this election!”

“I’m very proud to have the support of the Bay Ridge Democrats,” said Gentile. “I speak from experience when I say that I know an endorsement from this club is never symbolic but that it will be followed up with lots of hard work. I also know they have a history of clairvoyance when it comes to underdogs and picking winners. I’m very happy to have them on board.”

The Bay Ridge Democrats were one of the first clubs in New York City to endorse Bill de Blasio’s campaign for Mayor. They were also one of the only clubs in Brooklyn to support Ken Thompson in his bid to unseat former District Attorney Charles Hynes.

“Vinnie understands that a robust middle class and shared prosperity are the foundations of a strong economy,” Brannan said. “I know Vinnie will fight for pay equity for women, access to good American jobs, fair wages and benefits for an honest day’s work, and the guarantee of retiring with dignity and economic security. Above all, Vinnie shares our fundamental belief as Democrats that our country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, and when everyone plays by the same rules. He’d make a terrific congressman and would do us all proud.”

The special election in New York’s 11th Congressional District is set for May 5.

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