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March 24, 2015, 9:56 am

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Geoffrey Davis
Geoffrey Davis

Democratic Party Assembly District Leader and candidate for the open 43rd State Assembly seat, Geoffrey Davis, yesterday laid the blame on a proliferation of social service programs in a corner of the district squarely on the shoulders of Community Board 9 and one of his challengers for the seat, Diana Richardson, who is on the board.

“The problem taking place for these residents is a direct result of the dysfunction of Community Board 9’s leadership and its’ members,” said Davis. “Miss Diana Richardson is an executive member of CB 9 and clearly that type of leadership cannot go to Albany.”

Davis’ comments came following a community walk with between about 20 local residents who live between East New York Avenue and Maple Street, and Utica and Troy Avenues, and who’ve seen between 12-14 social programs put in the area – roughly a mile square.

Among these programs are methadone clinics, homeless shelters and a proposed eight-story housing facility for the severely mentally ill on the same block as a school.

Several of the other residents living in the neighborhood also blamed CB9, whose meeting have been plagued with arrests, locking out community members, shortened meetings and the resignation of the board chair.

“The Community Board is working against the will of the local residents in favor of outside interests,” alleged Homeowner Jay Sorid. “There’s no transparency, there’s no due process and they are working against what a community  board is supposed to be in accordance with the city charter.”

Other residents on the community walk included Michelle Murphy and Carol Miller – who are nurses at the nearby Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, and who said there is also a rash of nurse muggings in the area, vandalism and quality of life crimes in the area.

The residents fear that the some of these problems are occurring because of what they allege is the proliferation of the many understaffed social service programs.

“We are not against social service programs by any means, but we feel other communities can assist under the Fair Share Act,” said Davis and suggested Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge and Mill Basin as possible locations for some of these services. “I’m out here today to show visibility and outrage with these residents. As a district leader I think its important to step up because there’s no assembly member representing the area right now. Once elected, I’ll be the full-time assembly member.”

The special election is May 5.

NOTE: Diana Richardson was contacted for a response and it will be posted once it is received.

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