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March 24, 2015, 4:00 pm

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As Democratic City Councilman Vinnie Gentile and Republican Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan continue to campaign for the vacant  11th Congressional District seat straddling all of Staten Island and parts of Southern Brooklyn, Kings County Politics asked the two candidates the following question. Below that is their respective answers:

The Senate’s delay in appointing Loretta Lynch as AG is just the latest example of partisan gridlock in Congress. What is you feeling about crossing party lines for the sake of good governance and how would you as a congress member work to forge a consensus in which divergent views can come together for the good of keeping the country moving forward?

Staten island District attorney Dan Donovan
Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan

Dan Donovan: “Loretta Lynch would make an outstanding Attorney General and I urge Republicans to stop delaying her confirmation. I have often said that too often politics gets in the way of governance. I have a long history of putting what’s right before politics, regardless of the consequences and I will continue that as congressman. Our elected leaders have enormous opportunities through the bully pulpit to speak out and I will always use it to communicate what I think is best for the nation and residents of the 11th congressional district.”

Vinnie Gentile: On Loretta Lynch – “This has been the longest confirmation process for an attorney general in 30 years and its purely political. You just don’t hold attorney general nominees hostage for leverage on other issues. The GOP has become the party of temper tantrums and ridiculous ultimatums. Loretta Lynch should be judged on her merits like anyone else. Fact is, she is supremely qualified for this office and should be confirmed immediately. Our country is tired of Republicans blocking progress on a critical issues in protest of completely unrelated issues. Each day Lynch remains unconfirmed is an outrage.”

On crossing party lines – “Throughout my nearly 20 years as a legislator I have worked across party lines countless times to get things done for the people who matter most: my constituents. There is a time for politics and a time for governing. My allegiance is with the people I represent first and foremost.”

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