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September 4, 2014, 10:48 am


PRIMARY-ELECTION-2014On Tuesday, September 9, the city will hold a primary election for state offices.

If you are enrolled in a party, you may be selecting your party’s candidate for offices such as governor, lieutenant governor, state assembly, and state senate, as well as party and judicial races.AR-140839836

The Campaign Finance Board offers an online voters guide that covers primary candidates for state offices that represent New York City, and includes links to their websites and social media pages as available.

You can also visit the League of Women Voters’ voter guide, to view profiles for many of these candidates. In addition, this guide lists candidates for party offices on the ballot, although social media and website links are not available for these races.

Need more information about how and where to vote? You can find your poll site and view a sample ballot at

There will be a general election for both federal and state races on November 4. If you aren’t registered to vote, the deadline is October 10, so download a registration form today!

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