By Harriet Faith

May 4, 2014, 5:59 pm


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Illustration By Harriet Faith Of David Brinkley Quote

Remember David Brinkley?  Half of the journalist team with Chet Huntley from 1956 to 1970, he was an icon of television news reporting in a career that spanned from 1947 to 1990. Who knew he could be so funny? As evidenced by this quote, he certainly was.

For him to have said it, Brinkley demonstrates that he must have been on the receiving end of some “bricks” in his time…..and how he viewed the experience.

Besides the “funny and the witty” in this quote, the underlying message is that rather than be defeated by the “bricks” that people throw at you, you can use them! When you shift the emotional impact around someone else’s words or actions, you literally strengthen yourself.


One effective way of doing that is a technique called “reframing.”  When insult and injury are thrown your way, try using “reframing” to change the meaning and/or the emotional charge of someone else’s comments.

You can experiment with expanding the context, finding the opposite meaning or using puns or wordplay. You will then be looking at a comment through a differently sized perspective that either includes new elements or blocks other elements out.

This will expand your consciousness and cause the experience to take on significance that adds to you rather than subtracts from you; it adds skills, self knowledge, personal strength, a higher perspective and can generate compassion and understanding toward the source of the “brick!”

This will all help you “lay a firm foundation,” for realz! …….. In other words, don’t let that stuff stop you. Go for your dreams!

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