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May 23, 2014, 6:32 am



Spring Creek Nehemiah is East New York is one of the city’s great housing success stories. Already, 233 first-time owners have moved into these well-designed townhomes. Photo: NY Daily News

East New York will be the first of 15 neighborhoods tapped for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s affordable housing plan to build 80,000 new affordable apartments and preserving another 120,000 over ten years, reported The Daily News.

At a City Council budget hearing on Thursday, City Planning chairman Carl Weisbrod said the details still need to be worked out, but East New York was a “vibrant multicultural neighborhood that has been left, behind even as other parts of Brooklyn have thrived.”

“East New York now welcomes increased density because it understands the benefits it can bring,” he said.

After repeated questions from Council members about where the other 14 targeted neighborhoods would be, Weisbrod admitted they haven’t been chosen and that the city has just begun to gather suggestions.

He said the other areas would be across the five boroughs where there’s room to greatly expand housing capacity, such as in East New York.

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