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April 2, 2014, 6:00 am


Prisoners taking college courses

Prisoners taking college courses

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that his controversial plan to provide college education to prison inmates would go forward but be paid for by non-profits and charitable organizations and not by the state.

“If you were just doing this on the economics, it is less expensive for the taxpayer to pay for education courses in college than dealing with the recidivism rate,” Cuomo said.

“I understand the appearance of it” said Cuomo, regarding funding the program with public money.

“But there was a certain appearance issue and symbolism, so I agreed with the Legislature that we would do the programs in colleges,” Cuomo said. “They would be private, they would be privately funded by not-for-profits and charitable organizations.”

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  1. Natasha Watterson

    This is such an oxymoron!! No public funding? Where do you think nonprofit grants come from? What he should be saying is that it impacts society LESS when prisoners develop a skill while encarcerated so they can lead productive lives rather than managing their life post release with no resources. Recidivism doesnt happen when you can feed your family.


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